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Behaviour Code & Equal Opportunities

Summer Fayre 29th June 3.30 - 5.30pm

We have high expectations of our children’s behaviour. They are expected to behave with respect and tolerance towards each other. All children learn and use good manners at most times. In school we teach and show children how they are expected to behave. We highlight positive examples of appropriate behaviour at all times and use encouragement to development positive behaviour.

The whole school community has identified the following school rules. They are all expressed in positive terms as the things we will do rather than not do. We teach and reinforce these rules with children and remind them that if they choose to ignore these rules there are consequences, just as if they choose to keep the rules there are rewards.


  • Follow instructions the first time
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves
  • Listen silently when someone else is speaking
  • Only one person speaks at a time
  • Respect all school equipment and other people's property.


  • A warning.
  • Moved away from the group for 2 minutes
  • Lose 5 minutes of break and complete a consequence sheet
  • Sent to Headteacher, who may send a letter to your parents.
  • Your parents will be brought into school


  • Praise
  • Merit marks and Badges 
  • Privileges
  • Letters home
  • Special rewards (golden time, choosing etc.)

Every child and adult in our community is treated with equal care. Our teaching is based on Christian principles, which teach us to care for all others, irrespective of their sex, race or colour. As a school we do not accept bullying behaviour in any form, nor racism or sex discrimination.

As with all work in school we work closely in partnership with parents in this important aspect of school life. If children experience any problems we request parents to contact school immediately. All incidents of bullying and aggressive behaviour are followed up in a confidential manner and both aggressor and victim and their families are spoken to.

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