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During a child’s school life they may have a particular need or difficulty, which requires special educational provision to be made for them.

These specific needs include learning difficulties, physical difficulties, and emotional and behavioural difficulties. We aim to identify needs as early as possible and then, in conjunction with families, plan ways to meet and where possible overcome them. The progress of children with special needs is carefully monitored and detailed records are kept.

The provision to meet the special educational need can include small group tuition and help, support during a family crisis, additional work or specific equipment being made available. Sometimes it is necessary to seek specialist advice and help from outside of the school.

We also recognise that “able” children have individual needs and we seek to support, develop and extend their skills. Our school SEND policy, which is reviewed annually, gives greater detail on our provision for children with specific needs.

Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENDCO) Mrs Adams is a qualified teacher.


A As set out in the DfE guidance on the Equality Act, the school aims to advance equality of opportunity by:

  • Removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people which are connected to a particular characteristic they have (e.g. pupils with disabilities, or gay pupils who are being subjected to homophobic bullying)
  • Taking steps to meet the particular needs of people who have a particular characteristic (e.g. enabling Muslim pupils to pray at prescribed times)
  • Encouraging people who have a particular characteristic to participate fully in any activities (e.g. encouraging all pupils to be involved in the full range of school societies)

Accessibilty Plan