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Welcome back to school

Your neighbourhood beat team is Lutterworth and a direct link to their page on the force web site is;


1. Link to school Virtual Learning Platform. Make sure you have LBLC in top box before logging on

2. Electronic Zoo
An online zoo. Click the 'Animals' button to see your favourite animals from the comfort of your own chair. With excellent photography and some sound bytes, there are links to exotic, pet and fantasy animals.

A great American site. Have a go at Maths Baseball to see if you can score a home run. How's your spelling? Check out the Spell Check and try to get your name on the leader board or write a Wacky Story.

4. Kids Planet
Investigate the natural habitat of planet Earth in this colourful wildlife resource. Learn about wild animals on every continent with fun factsheets covering a wide range of species.

5. ReekoScience
Do cats have belly-buttons? Make a volcano in your kitchen. Filled with tons of mad-scientist-type experiments.

6. Seaworld
Find out fun facts and discover the scientific classifications of many of the world's animals. Watch the penguins live with PenguinCam, or learn about animal rescue and rehabilitation.

7. The Beano
What children's listing would be complete without the Beano?

8. The National Museum of Science
A very extensive site with lots of information.

Fun and Games

This is a really cool site full of activities, games, links downloads such as Bamzooki and lots more. Well worth a visit


1. On Line Dictionary
A great on-line spelling and word related site.

2. Views of the Solar System
An excellent site relating to our solar system with lots of images and information.


1. Brainy Babies
A fun educational site using cartoon baby versions of historical characters to stimulate curiosity in younger children. Each baby represents one area of learning (history, science, etc) and links are provided to other appropriate sites. You can guide Baby Cleopatra, Baby Einstein and so on through an interactive cartoon adventure or face their questions in the Brainfood Quiz.

2. Britkids
This engaging website explores the cultural diversity of the British community, and invites teenagers to 'hang out' with the 'Britkids'. Users encounter imaginary characters from nine different ethnic backgrounds, who talk about their family life, religious beliefs, and experiences of living in Britain.

3. DFeS Parents Centre
Parentscentre is for all parents and carers who want to help their child or children to learn.

4. Educational Establishments List
This section lists all UK public sector bodies associated with education.


6. School Link
Buy books at bargain prices and help the school funds at the same time.

7. The Guardian Education Section