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Admissions Policy

Admissions of new children will be on the first day of the Autumn Term, following their fourth birthday. Places will be confirmed by the Local Authority in May of the calendar year in which the child will start at the school. Any application received after this date will be treated as a mid term admission.The school has a maximum of capacity of 104 places with a planned admission limit of 14 per cohort. However if a cohort one year above has fewer children in it than the admissions limit, the school may admit extra children within a cohort to balance numbers. As a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School the governors of St. Andrew’s School in North Kilworth are the Admissions Authority. The admissions policy is reviewed annually and any amendments are agreed with the Leicester Diocesan Board of Education. Applications must be made on the LA’s common application form which can be found at or via the school. Application forms should be returned to the school and LA by 14th January 2019.

Following this admission decisions will be sent to parents by the LA on the 17th April 2018. Applications must also be made on a form to the governing body which is available from the school. In the case of the school being oversubscribed this application will be used by the governors to judge against the following criteria:

1. A child who has been placed in care and is deemed to be a “child in care”/or previously looked after or is on the child protection register and needs to attend an alternative school.

2. Children whose parents can demonstrate that the child has particular needs which make their application for admission exceptional. Such as:• A child with a serious medical condition, learning difficulty or social need which would make the choice of this school particularly suitable for the child’s needs. (Asthma and eczema do not come into this category.) The governors will require official reports from educational support services explaining their needs and why St Andrew’s would be best placed to meet those needs.• A child whose parent’s occupation has an enforcement role which may bring the parent into conflict with parents of children attending the allocated school and who therefore needs to attend an alternative school.• A child who has suffered severe bullying which is recognised by the present or most recent school as an ongoing problem and which is having a significant effect on the child’s health. Documentary evidence may be called upon to determine the level of bullying from previous school.

3. The house in which they reside for the majority of the week is within the Parish of North  Kilworth.

4.A child, who on entry has siblings*taught within the school at the same time.

5. Evidence of commitment to the Christian faith with attendance at a Church of England church. This will need to be supported with a letter from the Minister or priest.

6. Attendance at a Christian church other than the Church of England, again a letter supporting the application should be received from the priest or minister.

7. Where a tie-breaker is needed in order to make a decision between two children for a place at St. Andrew’s the child that lives nearest to the school will be offered a place.


In the case of dispute over distance that results in an appeal the Diocesan Board of Education will have the distances measured professionally. Measurement of distance is in a straight line from the point that the home property’s front entrance meets a public highway to the school’s main designated front gate, using a computerised mapping system. In a very few cases, it may not be possible to decide between the applications of those pupils who are the final qualifiers for a place (e.g. children who live at the same address [flats] or have the same distance measurement).


If there is no other way of separating the applications and if to admit both or all of the children would cause the legal limit to be exceeded, then the child (or children) who will be offered the place(s) will be randomly selected by drawing lots, witnessed by a person independent from the school community.Any appeals against refusal of admission are to be submitted to the Diocesan Director of Education* Includes adopted brother and sister/ stepchildren / foster children / or children of partners living and reside at the same address NB Attendance at St. Andrew’s pre-school does not automatically seal a place within the main school; a separate application form will need to be completed.

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