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Celebration Event after Sports Day Thursday 20th June. Sports Day picnic from 12.


Homework can form an important part of a child’s learning. All children bring home a 'Book Bag' each day containing their reading book, Learning Journal and reading record. Homework set may include reading (please see our separate booklet on Hearing Your Children Read) learning spellings or number facts. Older children may also be given written tasks to support class work or research activities and are given structured projects. A Homework Policy and leaflet to support parents is available on the school's VLE.

Parental Involvement

As well as keeping in contact about work matters there are also opportunities for parents to join in various aspects of school life. Each class produces a class assembly and we encourage parents to be involved as volunteers in activities within school such as reading, art & craft workshops and trips. If you can help in any way, either on a regular or occasional basis your child's class teacher would be delighted to hear from you. Every other week we send home our Newsletter giving news about school and notice of forthcoming events.

Parents' Meetings and Reports

Our first formal contact is at a meeting for new parents just before children start in the Alpha Minor Class. Teachers go over routines and the curriculum for the first years of school life and hopefully offer re-assurance to parents and children where it is needed! All children undertake a Baseline Assessment during the early days in school to identify what each individual child can do. These assessments are done through observation and are quite non-threatening for the children. Parents are invited to contribute towards this assessment and by the end of the first half term there is a parent’s evening to discuss how the children are settling into school.

In order to aid children’s development Parent/Teacher Interviews are held around half term in both the Autumn and Spring Terms; targets are set in Literacy and Mathematics and are shared with parents at this time. In addition to this a detailed written report on each child is produced in the second half of the Summer Term which summarises the year's work and gives the results of assessments carried out in the summer term. There is an opportunity for parents and children to contribute to the annual report and parents have the opportunity to discuss the report with teachers. We also host an open afternoon for parents to discuss the school report if they wish or meet the next class teacher.

Parents are encouraged to complete an annual questionnaire based on their thoughts and opinions of the school, this is then followed by an open forum with Governors. Parents are very welcome to contact us at any time with any concerns about any aspect of school life.