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Celebration Event after Sports Day Thursday 20th June. Sports Day picnic from 12.

By wearing the school uniform children are encouraged to look smart and feel part of the school community.

Girls’ Uniform 
grey skirts, grey or black trousers
white or red socks, tights in winter
white blouse or polo shirt
red cardigan or jumper or school sweatshirt
red check summer dress

Boys’ Uniform 
black / grey trousers
white shirt or polo shirt
red jumper or school sweatshirt

PE (Indoors) 
Children should have PE kit in school every day
school T-shirt or red polo shirt 
blue shorts

PE (Outdoors)
Trainers for outdoor games
tracksuit or trousers and jumpers for games in cold weather
draw string bag for PE kit
costume/trunks and towel for swimming

Both boys and girls should have black or brown shoes
Trainers are only allowed to be worn for PE
During the Winter months children are encouraged to bring a change of shoes for indoor use

Jewellery In the interests of safety please make sure that your child does not wear any jewellery to school.

School sweatshirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, PE bags and homework folders are all available from the school office.