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St Andrew's CE Primary School

St Andrew'sCE Primary School


We have put together some links to useful sources of advice and information for parents about Keeping Children Safe on the Internet and when using the wide range of Internet-capable devices they now have access to:

  • FKBKO Beko is here to teach you everything you need to know about internet safety. There are 3 levels – beginner, intermediate & advanced, so you can be sure that there’s something for you to learn!

  • Safe Kids QuizThe Online Safety Quiz is your chance to show that you know how to be a safe Internet surfer. Answer each question and, when you get it right, you'll go to the next question.

  • Safe Kids – Internet Safety RulesHere’s a list of rules to help you stay safe when you’re online. How many of them can you remember? Why not print them out and put them up next to your computer.

  • Surf SwellSurf Swell island provides you with lots of adventures in internet safety so that you can collect jewels to take to treasure palace – are you brave enough to take the challenge?

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