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St Andrew's CE Primary School

St Andrew'sCE Primary School


At St. Andrew's, each theme is based on an overall Learning Question, such as...

Are all animals the same?

What materials can you find in your home?

What makes a shadow?

Do all life cycles look the same?

What makes a circuit change?

How do forces affect us?

How can we categorise different plants?

Every child has a natural curiosity about the way the world works; science lessons show us how to get answers to some of the questions that they ask. Each lesson explores further questions as we introduce key scientific ideas, concepts and vocabulary in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Children learn about animals, plants and their bodies, they learn about different materials and how they can be used and changed. They discover new facts taught through experiences with electricity, forces, light and sounds.

Through work in these areas children are taught about scientific enquiry. Children and teachers pose questions and work together to find answers by investigating and recording data. They think about making their tests fair and compare results and look for patterns. Children then communicate their findings using scientific language, drawings, tables and graphs. Learning is revisited to enable children to recall key scientific knowledge.

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