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St Andrew's CE Primary School

St Andrew'sCE Primary School

Creative week

It's been creative week! 

It’s been ‘Creative’ week across the school, Acorn began the week with our R.E day learning about ‘The Creation’ story. We explored God’s creations with awe and wonder as we investigated seasonal changes and God’s creatures. After looking at the ‘Understanding Christianity Big Frieze’ they imagined what paint pots would contain if God created the world using a variety of paint pots.  

For the rest of Creative week, they learnt all about the famous artist ‘Henri Matisse and how he filled the world with colour and shape. The children have created their own masterpieces using spirals and collages inspired by Henri Matisse’s The Snail using a variety of art media and natural materials.

The children in Willow class have been studying Picasso. They were amazed that he was baptized with 23 names and that he painted his first portrait at the age of 9! The children have loved learning about tone and trying to create 3d shapes by just shading. The children also enjoyed creating their abstract collages.  They have also been thinking more about the festival of Harvest and the creation story.

Oak’s artwork has focused on the artist, Gustav Klimt, and they began by practising sketching and shading techniques to add tone and depth to an image to make it look more realistic. Using what they had practised, they then sketched a portrait of another individual, focusing on their facial features and bringing these out through shading.